Antonio Rocco


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Italiano (MadreLingua), Inglese (Molto Buono, LAMDA Certificate Grade 8 Gold Medal in Acting & Verse&Prose)
Full length films
• 2014 “Italy in a Day” (produced by Indiana Production, RaiCinema, Ridley Scott. 71° Biennale Venezia 2014. First scene after the title) by Gabriele Salvatores
• 2014 “Tender Eyes” (Op. Prima - full-length film shot in various long takes & in the American English language. Role “The Third Soldier”) by Alfonso Bergamo
• 2014 “If the world dies” (medium-length western film. Role “Wess”) directed by Stefano Iacurti & Emiliano Ferrera
• 2014 “Pazze di me” (full-length film produced by WildSide and RaiCinema. 01 Distribution – Cameo: Anchor man “Miss Maglietta Bagnata”) by Fausto Brizzi
• 2010 “ Reset ” (dramatic science-fiction full-length film. Leading actor: Massimo) directed by Giuseppe Flammini – IN POST PRODUCTION (still)
• 2004 “Dov’è Sisifo?!” (full-length film produced by SaLet film e distributed by Cecchi Gori Home Video. Role: head-banger ringleader) by Salvatore Vitiello
Short length films
• 2014 “Internet Addiction Disorder” (thriller- science-fiction film. Prod. MDV. Leading actor: Anthony) by Michelangelo di Pierro – IN POST PRODUCTION
• 2014 “Sara”(Prod.MCast. Projected in Valletta’s Grand Harbour for Malta's EU membership 10th anniversary celebrations. Role: the uncle) by Danjel Bugeja
• 2014 “Back in Malta” (Prod. by J.Calleja , M. Ferrugia in Malta. English Language. With Davide Tucci & Pj Xerxen. Co-Protagonist: Martin) by D. M. Porcelli
• 2014 “Inconscio” (thriller/detective film. Produced by MDV Production. Co-Protagonist: The Police Captain) directed by Davide Ceccarelli
• 2012 “L’ultimo paziente” (psycho-thriller short film. Leading Actor: Nicholas) directed by Manuel Lopez
• 2012 “Ieri sera a cena” (short film. All the Awards: http://associak.wordpress.com/corti/ieri-sera-a-cena-2/. Role: Ariovisto the Barbarian) by Cristiano Pedrocco
• 2012 “Mesa Verde” (western short film promoted through a tv-show about Italian western films by Tg2 Dossier for Rai 2. Role: Dave) by Emiliano Ferrera
• 2012 “Hollywood” (short film based on the book “Hollywood” by Charles Bukowski. Role: Jon-Luc Modard) directed by Enzo Aronica
• 2010 “Enjoy Cookies” (pulp-fiction short film. Leading actor: The Gangster) directed by Giacomo Cracco – IN POST PRODUCTION (still)
• 2007 “Furti al parco” (comic short film based on improvisation. Leading actor) directed by Isabella Urbano
• 2006 “A.A.per Raccomandazioni” (short film with Renato De Carmine. Role: “Fine Pausa”) directed by Daniela De Carmine
• 2004 Other short films (“La Vittima Perfetta”, “I Ragazzi del 4R”, “Pesa la Notizia” ecc.) produced by S.N.C.I. and created by directors in training

• 2013 “Caldeirão do Huck” 20/07/2013 ( Winner of “Rei de Roma/King of Rome” in Rio de Janeiro) produced by Rede Globo and presented by Luciano Huck
• 2014 “#CiskTime 2014” (Maltese leading beer Commercial) produced by Monolith Ltd. (Malta) and directed by Pedja Miletic
• 2012 “Atlantide” (documentary produced for the tv-channel: La7 – episode about Ippolito II d’Este) directed by Alessandra Gigante
• 2006 “Io e Mamma” (tv-show with Stefania and Amanda Sandrelli. Tv-Channel: Canale 5), directed by Andrea Barzini

• 2014 “Festen” (adaptation of the critically acclaimed Danish film, The Celebration (Festen). Inaugurates the new theatre space: Blue Box at M Space – Malta. Masquerade Theatre Company Production in the English language. With Manuel Cauchi, Steffan C. Busuttil, Andre Agius. Role:Kim) directed by Stephen Oliver
• 2013 “Medea” (by Euripide. Eutheca Production. Role: Messenger) directed by Carlo Fineschi
• 2012 “Hangtigone” (Readaptation of Antigone by Sophocles – play for students. Role: narrator/messenger) produced by prof. Marco Amabile
• 2012 “Anatol” (by Arthur Schnitzler. One act play: “L’avventura della sua vita”. Leading actor: Anatol) directed by Federica Tatulli
• 2012 “Achille è nu bravo guaglione” (written and performed by Antonio Rocco) Narrative theatre at the festival “Il bazar dei racconti” by Giancarlo Fares
• 2012 “Corsia n°6” (by Anton Cechov. Leading actor: Dott. Andrej Efimyc Ragin and Musician (keyboard and accordion) directed by Claudio Spadola
• 2011 “A Winter’s Tale” (by William Shakespeare. Leading actor: Leonte) directed by Federica Tatulli
• 2011 “Burn This” (by Lanford Wilson. In the original American English language - Leading actor: Pale) edited by Craig Peritz
• 2011 “A Winter’s Tale” (by William Shakespeare. Role: The Shepherd) directed by Federica Tatulli
• 2011 “Macbeth” (by William Shakespeare. Role: Ross) directed by Romano Talevi
• 2011 “ Waiting for Godot” (Eutheca, Festival S.Beckett (among which “Fragments” by Peter Brook with Yoshi Oida and Bruce Myers). Role: Pozzo) by Ian Sutton
• 2010 “ La Tempesta ” (by William Shakespeare. Role: Caliban) directed by Claudio Spadola
• 2010 “ Hamlet ” (by William Shakespeare. Role: back Romano Talevi’s Polonius) directed by Federica Tatulli
• 2010 “Baccanti” (by Euripides. Body theatre with Neutral Masks) directed by Cristina Pedetta
• 2010 “Kathchen von Heilbronn” (by Heinrich von Kleist. Role: Burggraf von Freiburg) directed by Federica Tatulli
• 2009 “Addio, Giuda” (by Ireneusz Iredynsky. Festival Polacco Arti Unite, Corso Polonia 2009. Co-Protagonist: Giovanni) directed by Beppe Leone
• 2009 “La forca ovvero la morte a rate” (by Janusz Krasinski. Festival Polacco Arti Unite, Corso Polonia 2009. Role: Second Guard) directed by Beppe Leone
• 2009 “Baccanti” (by Euripides. Short play 2° place at the Festival Internazionale Regia Teatrale Premio Fantasio Piccoli 2009. Role: Dionysus) by Carlo Cianfarini
• 2009 “Molto rumore per nulla” (by William Shakespeare. Role: Antonio, Leonato’s brother) directed by Melissa Regolanti
• 2009 “Wafer al cioccolato” (dramatic and allegoric play. Role: The Boy) directed by Antonella De Angelis
• 2007 “Le nozze di Halil” (Albanian rhapsody . Co-Protagonist: Mujo) directed by Ugo Ciarfeo
• 2006 “Teatro Itinerante a Fara Sabina” (Compagnia Anime di Carta. Role: Medieval Drunkard) directed by Emanuela Petroni
• 2003 “Sì Viaggiare” (play for students at A.Romita High School in Campobasso. Leading actor: Antonio) directed by Giovanni Di Risio and Isabella Buldrini

• 2013 “Shoah: Ultimo Canto – Il Porrajmos Gitano” (Leading actor: Zoltan Badjos, leader of the caravan Tzigana) produced by Artisti Cilentani
• 2012 “Oliver Twist: the Show” (musical in the original English language produced by Arts in English . Antagonist: Bill Sikes) directed by Ailleen C.Moir
• 2011 “Les Miserables” (adaptation for Eutheca - European Theatre & Cinema Academy. Antagonist: Javert) directed by Angela Bucci & Elisabeth Bolognini
• 2009 “L’olio di ricino scioglie la mente” (musical comedy / detective story). Co-protagonist: Inspector Vacchiano) directed by Lucia Lasciarrea

• 2013 “CHESS PORTRAITS” (Photographic work by Francesco Ridolfi. Role: The Rook (Actor / Model). Article, photographs and making of video in Daily Mail : Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2476938/Photographer-Francesco-Ridolfi-creates-stunning-portraits-real-life-chess-pieces.html.
and in Repubblica http://www.repubblica.it/persone/2013/10/22/foto/gli_scacchi_in_carne_e_ossa_i_ritratti_di_francesco_ridolfi-69158697/1/?ref=HRESS-3#1
• 2012 “Ai confini del Jovastan” (radio programme on RadioOrvietoWeb; guest of the episode “Spaghetti Western” and “Cracco al Jovastan”
• 2004 – 2009 Several jobs as HAIR MODEL for La Wella and Paul Mitchell, presenter of various events: Palio di Copparo (FE) 2005 etc, Radio jobs, Investigation
• 2010 “Donna de Paradiso” (by Jacopone da Todi. Radiodrama. Main Character: Jesus) direction and audio editing by Riccardo Barbera
• 2008 “Filosofia Antica”, audio-book recorded for the distribution centre “Libro Parlato” of Rome.

- http://www.primonumero.it/attualita/news/1411484536_scelto-da-salvatores-il-video-di-antonio-rocco-apre-la-storia-di-italy-in-a-day.html
- http://www.informamolise.com/campobasso/antonio-rocco-selezionato-tra-i-primi-dieci-finalisti-di-un-contest-internazionale/
- http://cblive.it/storie-di-giovaniantonio-rocco-attore-campobassano-protagonista-di-italy-in-a-day-di-gabriele-salvatores/

• 2009 Workshop with the Polish Embassy leading to the staging of two inedit shows at Teatro Belli (Roma Trastevere) for the Festival of Polish Theatre (see theatre)
• 2007 80-hour seminar with Jack Heller, actor and director, member of the ACTORS STUDIO of Los Angeles
• 2007 SCHOLARSHIP IMAIE for a 120-hour course about STRASBERG METHOD held by Ilza and Siddharta Prestinari
• 2004-2007 BACHELOR’S DEGREE in AUDIOVISUAL AND MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION at the University of Ferrara (mark 107/110)
• 2004 PROFESSIONAL DEGREE as CINEMA ACTOR (EUROPEAN LEVEL 2) at the S.N.C.I. with a 400-hour actors training course given by Sergio Ciulli
• 2014 Top 10 acting performances (only non-MotherTongue world finalist) at the “Cast it talent showcase” held by casting dir..:R.B.Garcia, J.Colbert, M.Liroff
• 2011 Finalist in the contest “Creativi per Costituzione” (for the 150° Italian Constitution Anniversary) as actor & director for “Film Tricolore” (musical short film)
• 2010 WINNER 3° PLACE at the contest “WalkOnRights” by Amnesty International for “Qualcosa è cambiato” (short film. Role:Male voice) by Paolo De Falco
• 2005 WINNER 1° PRICE “BEST ITALIAN PLAY” AWARD as actor & director (debut play) for “Né pane, né misericordia”(experim.theatre .Lead: river Po) awarded by ARNOLDO FOA’ at the 3° National Contest dedicated to Riccardo Bacchelli
• 2005 WINNER 2° PLACE as actor (voice over) & director for “Natura Bella, Natura Sublime” (debut short film) at the contest “Paesaggi Letterari” of Ro (FE)

- LANGUAGES: ITALIAN (MT), ENGLISH (GOOD) > L.A.M.D.A. Lev 3 CTF (Grade 8 GOLD Medal) with MERIT in Acting and Verse&Prose, French (basic)
- DIALECTS: Italian dialects of Molise, Rome, Campania ( dialects of Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily on script ).
- INSTRUMENTS: Keyboard (excellent), Guitar (good), SINGING (good - BARITONE ), Accordion (basic)
- SPORT & SKILLS: HISTORICAL FENCING, Wing Tjun Kung Fu, Soccer, Volleyball; Experience in Musicals, Juggling (balls and stick) and Acrobatics.

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